Projects and Transactions

We have successfully managed the following transactions:

1. Engineering

  • Build-up of subsidiary of international engineering company in Poland
  • Sale of engineering company shares

2. Construction

  • Advisory services for share issue

3. Finance

  • Arrangement of convertible debenture
  • Arrangement of credit facility
  • Arrangement of various credit lines
  • Buy-out of bank debts and restructuring
  • Restructuring of buy-out and lease obligations

4. Food

  • Polish food and spirits joint venture
  • Polish food joint venture
  • Privatisation of Polish major food factory
  • Elaboration of tax-efficient instruments
  • Polish baby food joint venture
  • Acquisition of Polish milk plant
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Arrangement of loan facility
  • Polish grocery company
  • Polish oil producer

5. Insurance

  • Strategic review of the market and the opportunities

6. Media

  • International equity placement [CSFB]
  • Structuring of trade finance facilities
  • TV licence
  • Polish TV production and broadcasting
  • Polish women's magazine
  • International equity placement [Carnegie AB]
  • Multiplex cinemas
  • Market analysis and negotations
  • Overall group restructuring [Legal, Finance]
  • Private placement

7. Pharma

  • Polish joint-venture