Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

The following privacy statement of fincoord has the purpose to inform customers and Internet users about the philosophy and the handling of their data as well as the data security on the Internet pages under the URL www.fincoord.com.

2. Data storage and use

fincoord is the exclusive owner of all information which is entered and collected under www.fincoord.com. This information will neither be sold nor rented to or exchanged with third parties.

3. Registration

In order to access certain services a visitor must first fill out and send a form. During this registration process the user must type in contact information (i.e. e-mail address etc.). fincoord will use this information in order to make information available to interested visitors.

4. Cookies

fincoord does not set cookies on its web pages.

5. Log file

fincoord stores log file data in order to detect trends on the web pages and to manage and optimize the services. This information is and will not be linked to any personal data.

6. Use of data by third parties

fincoord does not pass data to third parties.

7. Links

The homepage of fincoord contains links to other sites. fincoord cannot control the use of data on these external sites. fincoord recommends that visitors check the privacy statements of the external sites if a visitor fills out any form or registration. This privacy statement applies only to the Websites of fincoord under the address www.fincoord.com including continuation pages.

8. Inquiries

Occasionally fincoord takes the liberty to implement competitions and surveys. The participation in these activities is free. The competitions and surveys can contain partial contact as well as social and demographic information. This information is used only for the named purposes and will not be distributed without your permission. If any information will be published or will be accessible by the public, the data will not be personalized.

9. Security

fincoord protects visitor and customer data. If visitors send fincoord information, it is protected against access off- and online.

All data is kept in the offices of fincoord and only employees who must work directly with the data have access to it. fincoord employees are obligated to treat all data strictly confidentially and the devices of each coworker are password-protected. All coworkers are informed constantly about the privacy policies and the security guidelines of fincoord. All fincoord members are aware of the importance of the protection of personal data and are obligated to deal with the information and data accordingly. The IT infrastructure of fincoord is protected and installed in a modern infrastructure.

10. Corrections of personal information

If the information of a customer must be modified, e.g. with a residence change or the like, fincoord ensures the appropriate modifications, supplements and deletions. Please send any changes to omago ag.

11. Selection and termination

fincoord visitors can, at any time, terminate services for which they are registered. The data is thereupon completely deleted, except data which fincoord is required to save to comply with Swiss law. Customers also have the possibility to reject a service at any time.

12. Information about modifications

If fincoord intends to modify this privacy statement, visitors will be informed through information on the Website or by e-mail. Visitors and customers are always informed about how fincoord stores data and for what purposes fincoord uses the information. If fincoord should use data otherwise, the appropriate customer first needs to agree by e-mail and have the possibility to refuse. If no specification concerning the privacy is published, this statement applies.