Polish food and spirits joint venture

Arrangement, negotiation and closing of a joint-venture with a western major (Mautner Markhof, BolsWessanen Group) in the food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industries in Poland [US$ 20 million]

Polish food joint venture

Negotiation and structuring of a joint-venture between a western food group and a Polish food production and distribution company, preparation of business plans and tax structures [US$ 20 million]

Privatisation of Polish major food factory

Coordination of contracts and of a joint bidding documentation for the privatisation of a major food factory in Poland (Osem/Israel - ITI Group, target Skawina) [US$ 25 million]

Elaboration of tax-efficient instruments

Elaboration of refinancing structures and tax-efficient techniques for a major western food group for financing investments in Polish subsidiaries [US$ 15 million]

Polish baby food joint venture

Negotiation, structuring and implementation of a joint-venture with Nutricia, the leading Dutch baby foods majors for the acquisition of Ovita-Nutricia Ltd., the Polish baby foods market-leader [US$ 30 million]

Acquisition of Polish milk plant

Acquisition of a milk plant in Nysa by Chio Lilly Snack Foods Ltd.

Preparation of documentation

Elaboration of investment and business plans and preparation of a loan application for an investment loan for the financing of a snack food plant in Poland [US$ 10 million]

Arrangement of loan facility

Arrangement of a loan facility for the financing of an equity stake and investments in a Polish food joint-venture [US$ 7 million]

Polish grocery company

Structuring and closing of the acquisition by a Polish food company of an entity active in the grocery field [US$ 4 million]

Polish oil producer

Organisation of a consortium, preparation and coordination of contracts and bidding documentation for the privatisation of a large margarine and oil plant in Poland [US$ 50 million]