International equity placement [CSFB]

Preparation, negotiation and closing of an equity private placement for the ITI Group through CSFB, with New Europe East Investment Fund (Capital Research Group) and Central European Growth Fund (CSFB) as investors [US$ 11 million]

Structuring of trade finance facilities

Engineering and structuring of trade finance facilities and stock financing concepts for the Polish market [US$ 10 million]

TV licence

Arrangement and structuring of a joint-venture between a consortium of Polish investors and two western media groups (Reuters - CLT S.A.) for the submission of an application for a private nationwide TV broadcasting licence [US$ 30 million]

Polish TV production and broadcasting

Negotiation, structuring and closing of a joint-venture in the TV production and broadcasting area between CME Enterprises B.V. (NYSE-listed) and the ITI Group [US$ 50 million]

Polish women's magazine

Market analysis, target identification, preparation of business plans and coordination of the acquisition of a leading Polish women's magazine by the publishing house Jean Frey AG, Zurich; introduction of the latter to the Polish publishing market.

International equity placement [Carnegie AB]

Arrangement, together with Carnegie AB, London, of an equity placement with a group of international financial investors for ITI Holdings S.A., Luxembourg and, listing of its shares on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange [US$ 35 million]

Multiplex cinemas

Creation of a business plan and financing concepts for, and arrangement and negotiation of, a joint-venture in the entertainment industry (UCI ITI Multikino Ltd.) in Poland [US$ 70 million]

Market analysis and negotations

Analysis of Polish economic newspapers, negotiation with potential targets, introduction of a major western publishing house (Ringier, Switzerland) to the Polish market

Overall group restructuring [Legal, Finance]

Elaboration and implementation of a strategic plan for the reorganisation of a privately owned Polish group active in the media, foods and distribution industries, review of internal procedures, restructuring of banking facilities and reorganisation of the group's legal structures

Private placement

Negotiation, structuring and closing of a private placement for the ITI Group with the Ronald Lauder Group, New York as investor [US$ 8 million]