Entrepreneurs' Advisor

fincoord works closely with leading private entrepreneurs as chief advisor and negotiator with a multidisciplinary approach. The main activities are:

  • structuring and negotiation of complex joint-ventures between Polish entrepreneurs and Western majors

  • technical engineering and "general contracting" of a transaction (analysis, business plans, organization of a joint-venture, investment plans, legal structure, tax structure, operational concept, negotiations and setup of complex agreements)

  • financing concepts, tax planning and investment efficiencies


Negotiations, M&A

In the area of joint ventures fincoord has negotiated and closed a large number of private sector transactions exceeding US$ 1 billion. The cultures and business approaches of Western companies and Polish companies have to be merged and their structures have to be adapted accordingly, in order to either eliminate debt, transfer assets to other entities, merge or alter ownership. fincoord orchestrates such restructuring concepts including the reorganization of the targeted entities by way of repayment of debt and privatization.

The firm is reputed for innovativeness and expertise in handling multi-country and multi-disciplinary issues in such transactions.

Financing Strategy

In the area of financing strategy, fincoord continuously analyses options available to its clients: public/private or debt placements. To date fincoord has overseen a number of equity placements, and a number of debt placements with Polish and foreign institutions. The merchant banking background of fincoord principals is of particular value to those entrepreneurs who are in emerging markets where the complexity of deals is greater, and financiers are generally more demanding.

Tax Efficiency

In the area of tax efficient structures, fincoord has designed and implemented several holding solutions taking advantage of tax treaties signed between Poland and their European counterparties. fincoord advises on holding structure design and implementation. Our financial prowess and technical know-how are creating considerable annual savings for our clients.

fincoord's skill in combining expertise from many fields is of particular value to our client-entrepreneurs as they strive for best market position in Poland’s fast changing business environment.