Corporate Administration

Clients controlling a number of investments through a variety of structures wanting to consolidate their overall investments from an administrative and controlling point of view are served by fincoord's unique Corporate Administration approach: master tailored, efficient, discreetly co-ordinated out of Switzerland and equipped with the most modern software technology.

fincoord co-ordinates the private entrepreneurs' corporate and personal headquarters and organizes the:

  • co-ordination of the management of holding companies, supervision of legal, tax and accounting matters, representation on boards, general assemblies etc.

  • co-ordination of relations with investors and banks, including reporting, supervision of credit lines and banking activities (investments, portfolio management, loan facilities, trade-finance etc.)

  • management and supervision of contracts with third parties (control, follow-up, negotiations etc.)

  • risk management of the entrepreneur's overall exposure

  • executive search and organization of human resource requirements in the operational entities and/or headquarters of the entrepreneur

fincoord has designed systems to manage the vast amount of information each company generates and to ensure reliable and efficient information retrieval.