Markus Waser
Head of IT Services Fincoord

Markus joined Fincoord in 2003 as a senior IT consultant. He heads the IT Services team of both Fincoord and Tectus Group and is responsible for the global IT Support and design and implementation of IT infrastructure solutions within both companies. Markus has vast experience across numerous IT solutions and is an expert in IT security matters and smart building solutions. Markus has been responsible for the full suite of IT solutions deployed in Proceq’s new headquarters in Schwerzenbach, which opened in 2015. 

Prior to joining Fincoord, Markus led several leading international IT infrastructure projects for companies including Andrew Corporation, Zurich Financial Services and Centre Reinsurance Limited. 

Markus has been working in IT since 1986. He holds a Diploma in Computer Science and a Federal Diploma of Higher Vocational Education and Training in Information Technology.

Markus speaks German and English.